Your retail team is the face of your business. Make it easy for your customers to connect with and recommend your employees. Tap into the power of social commerce and give every employee a branded digital presence that they can share with pride.  

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It takes a lot to stand out in the elite art world. This category-defining art gallery knows what it takes to bring their exclusive clients easy access to their teams in Chicago, Paris and Mexico City.

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QR Code

Give every employee a QR code that customers can scan to instantly save their contact information to their mobile phone.


See which team members are getting the most engagement online and encourage others to do the same to help you grow.

Custom Branding

Make your brand shine with customizable colors, logos, backgrounds, layouts and more. Expand your brand with every member of your team.


Have multiple locations or departments? Set up a team for every store and allow local control for managers by location or department.

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