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NodCards are packed with features that market and grow your business FAST!


Web & Mobile NodCards

Create a stunning visual presence on web and mobile for every member of your team, and instantly build trust and credibility with your customers. Add click-to-contact links like phone numbers, messaging apps, driving directions, testimonials, or payment platforms as direct calls-to-action that drive your business. This is everything you need to grow FAST! See examples >

Lead Generation

Collect email addresses and generate leads directly on your NodCards. Build your audience, grow your subscriber base, or add a low-friction gate to content you want to share with potential customers. Forward submissions to any URL, show a custom thank you message, and send leads to your own email addresses or CRM to follow up. 

Email Signature

Drive more business with every email you send with a professional email signature that’s guaranteed to make you look good and makes it easy for your customers to do business with you. They’ll always have your most up-to-date contact information in all of your emails. Drive the types of conversions that matter to your business with a bold, customizable button in your signature. See an example >

Social Media & Sharing Links

Turn your team members' contact information into advertisements for your business. Instantly create a custom sharing image that advertises your brand on all social media platforms and SMS like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp and iMessage. Win new business by making it easy to contact your team, standing out, and looking amazing every time a contact link is shared. See an example >

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your NodCards to be discoverable by search engines, or hide them and stay private–your choice. Add custom metadata like your name, title, company, and description so that people searching for you or your company can find you on search engines like Google and Bing.

Custom Handle

Claim your custom URL for all your NodCards and all your links will be branded for your business. Claim one for your company, yourself and every member of your team and you’ll have a unified presence for everyone that’s always online and always promoting your brand. 

Custom Branding

Add your business logo and custom colors to align your brand perfectly with any of your other sales and marketing materials. Choose templates, content alignment, light or dark mode and much more with a fun and engaging builder that gives you total control of your brand presence on web, mobile, email, search and social. 

QR Codes

Use your QR code to connect with customers both on and offline. Download it and add it to promotional flyers, point of sale materials, vehicles, or  anywhere you want people to be able to get in touch to do business with you.


See how people are connecting with and contacting you with comprehensive stats for every link on your NodCards. See which countries people are clicking from, whether they’re clicking on your card links, email signature or copying the link to their clipboard.

Redirect NodCards

Redirect the cards of people who’ve left the company to someone else in your organization. Having links to your business living on social media and in old emails is a very good thing. So, don’t let good leads slip away when that person leaves the company. Send them to someone else so all of your customers are still looked after and taken care of.

Download Digital Business Cards

Allow your customers and clients to save your contact information directly to their mobile device in two clicks. Once your customers save your information it will be stored with them locally on their device for access any time in the future. Saved information includes a link back to your NodCards so your current contact information is always one click away


Create internal teams to organize your NodCards. Easily duplicate cards, move them between teams and manage administrators for different departments.