​Give your dealership an unfair digital advantage 

Get more calls, clicks and store visits from digital and social media. Give every employee a shareable QR code and branded link that make it easy for customers to find and connect with your team!

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Expand your brand effortlessly

Stand out on social media and SMS

Turn your team members into scroll-stopping advertisements for your BRAND. Give every employee a branded link they’ll love to share. Promote your brand and grow your business with personalized social sharing images that are created automatically for every NodCard. Stand out instantly online and in SMS

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Turbocharge your team directory

Your brand expands when your team is seen. Use NodCards’ built-in team directory to make every employee an extension of your brand. Or, add NodCards QR codes to your existing team directory so customers can scan, share and save your team members directly into their contacts right from your own website.

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Make it easy for customers to connect

Some customers like to call while others like to text or send an email. With NodCards, your customers can choose the contact method that’s easiest for them at any given moment. Make it easy for your customers to contact your team members so there’s ZERO friction in your sales process.

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Porsche Woodland Hills

One of the highest-performing dealerships in the United States, Porsche Woodland Hills is on the forefront of customer experience and employee engagement. 

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Engage your customers online and  in-store

Put NodCards on every desk

Give every employee a QR code and company-branded link that gets scanned, shared and saved. Improve customer experience, distribute your brand across digital channels and engage team members in sharing your brand on social media. Printable desk sign images are now included with every NodCard.


Grow your automotive brand with NodCards

Sign up today and take advantage of these features to help you grow your brand FAST with click-to-contact links for every employee, insightful analytics, easy teams support, and much more.

QR Code

Give every employee a QR code that customers can scan to instantly save their contact information to their mobile phone.


See which team members are getting the most engagement and encourage others to do the same to help you grow.

Custom Branding

Make your brand shine with customizable colors, logos, backgrounds, layouts and more. Expand your brand with every member of your team.


Have multiple locations or departments? Set up a team for every store and allow local control for managers by location or department.

Stand out on social media, in store and in SMS!

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