Product Updates: September 2023

September 04, 2023 10:16 PM By Will Andre

We're into the '-bers'! That means Q4 is right around the corner and annual sales targets start to become the primary focus of organizations large and small. If you're reading this, you now know that your organization can get an unfair strategic advantage moving into Q4.  Give your team the tools they need to get found, stand out, make a stunning first impression and generate new business – fast. This is why we're all here.

We have a couple of great updates for you to check out this month. Let's GO!


Digital Business Card Preview Image

Social Media Preview Image Generator

This is an absolutely fantastic update to the NodCards platform. Unifying your brand across web, mobile, email, search and social is core to our mission of making you a big brand without even trying. This is a huge unlock for your business because it sets a high bar for your professionalism and expertise as soon as people see it, whether that's in their social media feed, in the SMS or messaging apps.

What it does: It automatically generates a high-impact social sharing image for you or any members of your team by combining your brand assets (avatar, logo, name, title, colors, and background into a downloadable image. Once you upload it to your NodCards, this is the branded image that people see every time you share your NodCards link. 

Why it matters: It turns every social media post or SMS message into a FREE advertisementfor your brand. When you share a link that looks this good, people will click it, and that means more leads and business opportunities for you. Here's an example.

How you use it: Go to the new social preview image article on this. Boom! 💥

New Support Center

If you clicked the link in the previous section, you've already seen that we've just launched our all new support center. We are in the process of updating all of our documentation, how-to's and FAQ to live on this portal, so check back often.

What it does: It centralizes all of our support documentation and ticketing into a single platform. 

Why it matters: It makes it easier to get answers to your questions about how to do and where to find certain features, functions and capabilities

How you use it: Go to to find any answers you need or to open a support ticket.

New Features Page

There's a new page on our website that highlights all of the great features you get with NodCards. 

What it does: It showcases the incredible value of NodCards as a lead generation, brand marketing, and employee engagement platform.

Why it matters: It makes it easier to see and learn more about how NodCards helps businesses grow fast.

How you use it: Go to

New Demo Request Page

We understand that sometimes you just want someone to walk you through and answer questions. You can now request a demo of NodCards from our team.

What it does: It lets you request a demo of NodCards from our team.

Why it matters: It makes it convenient for you to learn more about NodCards capabilities and to bring in other members of your team or other department to evaluate our lead generation, brand marketing and employee engagement software.

How you use it: Go to and fill out the request form.

Ok, that's another great wrap up for this month. We've got some huge updates in store for next month, so stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything or have any questions. If you've read this far and still don't have an account, try NodCards free and get the secret weapon to growing your business fast!