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Are you actually empowering your employees to evangelize your brand?

Unlikely. Companies large and small are missing growth opportunities they don't even know about. Today's brand struggle looks like this. 


Your customers can't find your people.

People buy from people, but your people are nowhere to be found online. Your customers get frustrated so they bounce and end up buying from another brand that's easier to work with. 

This isn't some digital lunar eclipse. It happens all the time.

​Your people feel invisible.

Your people are your biggest assets, but they feel like they don't matter because they are not a part of your digital brand. Your people lose sight of your mission until the next catered lunch when they're all-in for fifteen minutes of "rah rah" with a side of ranch. After that, they go back to their anonymous cubicle, a loyal cog in the wheel of apathy. Is it five o'clock yet?

Your brand starts to shrink.

Your brand suffers because it's burning at both ends. Customers are bailing and your employees don't care because it never occurred to anyone that your customers might like being able to connect with and do business with your people. Bob in finance cares. In fact, he is really freaking out. 

Organizations with a highly-engaged workforce are 23% more profitable. 

Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Culture, Gallup, 2022


Engage your team and grow your brand.

Turn employees into evangelists and grow your brand INSTANTLY across web, mobile, email, search and social with a digital presence that gets seen, shared and saved.

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Improve customer experience and build trust in your brand–instantly.

NodCards make it easy for customers to connect with your people, to trust your brand and do business with you. No, you're not dreaming. You can have it all

Turn employees into brand evangelists with a click-to-connect link they’ll be proud to share.

One shareable link connects your brand to your people and your people to their people. We call this kind marketing "word of mouse."  It really clicks.

Expand your brand with a digital footprint that includes everyone on your team.

Put your employees in a digital uniform that makes brand shine and shows the world your people matter. Imagine your star player showing up to the big game in the other team's colors. That would be bad.

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